BLOCK Fest® Host Training


**Please call 208.343.1551 to order***

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**Please call 208.343.1551 to order***

BLOCK Fest® Host Training is a 3-hour semi-interactive training presentation. The Host Training prepares you to properly facilitate a BLOCK Fest® event and understand the creation of BLOCK Fest® and the research behind block play. The training is conducted in an online classroom with a combination of videos, interactive segments, and live presentations. The training classroom requires access to a computer with internet and a phone line for the duration of the training; you do not need a webcam.

What does BLOCK Fest® Host Training fee include?

The Host Training fee includes the 3-hour training session, and upon completion of training, access to a BLOCK Fest® Certified Host to guide you through your first three BLOCK Fest® events, a BLOCK Fest® Host Certificate, and admittance to the “Host Page” on the BLOCK Fest® website.


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