A block play experience for Idaho families made possible with Event Sponsorships from Idaho STEM Action Center.

What is BLOCK Fest®?

  • A fun, interactive hands-on block experience to encourage parent-child engagement, boost early learning, and introduce STEM education
  • In an hour event, families explore five different block stations of non-interlocking blocks
  • Block stations are guided by a trained facilitator to:
    • Support parents in discovering how to help their child learn early math and science concepts
    • Assist children in scaffolding them to the next level of block play with proper modeling and the usage of open-ended questions

See BLOCK Fest in action


Why should we host an IBFE event?

  • It is FUN!
  • It is LEARNING!
  • It is an activity for the entire family to participate in…hooray for parent-child engagement!
  • It introduces STEM learning, promotes literacy, enhances problem solving, communication skills, and more through block play
  • Borrowing it is easy; the entire exhibit is housed in a small utility trailer, making pick up and return quick and simple.

Who will be compensated?

  • If you are a trained host, you will be compensated for IBFE events you facilitate outside of your “home organization” when scholarships are available
  •  Your facilitation time will be compensated up to $300 (exhibit assembly, event facilitation, exhibit disassembly)
  • Your mileage will be reimbursed at $0.58/mile; including travel to pick up and return the BLOCK Fest® Exhibit trailer and travel to event location


What is a BLOCK Fest® Host?

  • A BLOCK Fest® Host is someone who has completed the BLOCK Fest® Host Training through Twiga Foundation and can facilitate a BLOCK Fest® event
  • The BLOCK Fest® Host Training is a 4-hour interactive training through Zoom; the cost is $350 per person
    • Idaho STEM Action Center has generously granted 12 Host Scholarships to train facilitators across the state
    • Identify a potential host in your organization and apply for an IBFE Host

How do we get it?

  • Apply for an IBFE scholarship (if needed)
  • Coordinate with the IBFE Team to schedule your event & borrow the exhibit
  • Coordinate with the IBFE Team to secure a BLOCK Fest® Host to facilitate your event

What does it cost to host an event?

  • Idaho STEM Action Center has generously granted 20 event scholarships (a $750 value) to bring BLOCK Fest® to communities across the state; apply for an IBFE Scholarship for your community
  • The scholarship covers registration assistance, the time and travel of a BLOCK Fest® Host to facilitate your event, and the transportation cost of the exhibit

What is my commitment? …depends on your role.

Event Contact

  • Apply for an IBFE Event Scholarship
  • Coordinate with the IBFE Team to:
    • Schedule your event & obtain the exhibit
    • Register your participants secure a BLOCK Fest® Host to facilitate your event
    • Recruit volunteers to assist at the event (approximately 7, plus Host)


  • Complete the BLOCK Fest® Host Training: (if you’ve already been trained, we ask you complete the training again, it’s updated and specific to this project…and Twiga will cover your re-training fee)
  • Recruit volunteers to assist at the event (approximately 7, plus Host)
  • Coordinate with the IBFE Team to schedule the 1-hour training for your event volunteers (the first Volunteer Training in conducted by Twiga, any subsequent will be facilitated by the BLOCK Fest® Host…we provide you a PowerPoint)
  • Coordinate with the IBFE Team to register your participants
  • Facilitate at least one event through the IBFE project (2019-2020 school year)
  • Facilitate at least three events in the next two years to obtain BLOCK Fest® Host Certification
  • Collect data from your events and submit to Twiga Foundation after your event


Upcoming Host Training Dates